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martedì 22 maggio 2012

News on PTC world

Hi guys! 

Wow, it's been a lot since my last post :)

I have done exams but I still have to do, so I am not going to write something for a few... - days, weeks, months...who knows?
Anyway, I 'll place a update with some of the PTCs still valid and useful!

#1 ClixSense
PTC since 2007, no problems with PayPal, a lot of links that you can click to earn easily! Also, ClixGrid - a in-site game - lets you win upto 5$ with one click! -
My proofs: 1 2 3 4 5 6 <- NEW!
#2 AdvGold 
PTC&PTS (Paid to signup), 5 clicks everyday (for Standard user), no problems with PayPal (paying INSTANTLY), about 70 offers to do everyday (~21$/day). -
My proofs: 1 2 <- NEW!
#3 Clicksia & Incentria
PTCs owned by the same admin, paying since 2007, more than 400k users, payout as low as 1$, no problems with PayPal. -
My Proofs: Click1 Incetr1 Incetr2 <- NEW!
#4 MarihuanaBux
PTC online since 2010, no problems with PayPal, AlertPay, OkPay, really cheap upgrades -
My proofs: 1 2 3 4 5
#5 Ad-Lantis
 A "new" PTC, which is paying instantly!
My proofs: 1 2
#6 EasyHits4U
great PTC, online & paying since 2007/08, every click you make guarantees one click on your site (you can add more than one), also you can earn cash and withdraw your balance once you reach 3$ on PayPal
#7 DownlineRefs
Advertising PTC, you earn points and use them to start advertising campaigns on your sites!

Signup on these sites and start earning!!!!!!!!!!!! :)