Cash I received

lunedì 31 ottobre 2011

Newz and so on :)

Hi guys! 

So tonight there will be halloween!!
Have you prepared something new?? :)

I do not know what I will do, I might go to a party, but I'm not sure yet.
Also, I'm a bit ill, I have headache and backache. I'm so elder!! :D
And I have to do my homework - I have to study network and telecommunication,  some things in Electronics, Mathematics exercise... :P

I will have some busy days, I hope all those homework won't kill me!! :D

See you soon guys, keep following! :)

domenica 30 ottobre 2011

Halloween... wut do?

Hi guys! 

Tomorrow it's Halloween!!!

What are you wearing for this special day??

A terrifying mask like Silent Hill nurse????
A angry birds mask??
A sexy mask???

Just tell us!!! We are really interested in! :)
OR.... will you stay at home and do something else?? :D 

keep following! 

sabato 29 ottobre 2011

Payment received and updates! Also... minecraft!

Hi guys! 

So today I had a IT test (as I told you yesterday) and it went well :)
Also, I've received a 5$ payment from AdvGold!!!!! :)

I'm really happy :)

And tomorrow evening, I'll have my dinner at my grandma's house! :P

Also, do you play Minecraft????
It's a so funny game and I really like it!! :)
Here is their video presenting the game!

My friend asked me to join them on their private server, and I think I will join them!! :D

Also, there are some things they sell which are really funny!! :)

by the way... keep following! :)

venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Updates and new way to make cash!

Hi guys!

So upto now, today has been a quiet day.
But now, I have to study because tomorrow I will have an Information Technology written test.
The topic is: database.
It's a wide topic, I know; in fact, there are a lot of things to know. :)

By the way, yesterday I have received a payment but I think it has been sent to me by a old PTC which I deleted since it was not paying. The sender has a strange e-mail, so I can't recognize who is him :(

Nevermind! :)

Also, in these days, I'm watching a really cool anime: Full Metal Alchemist.
It's a anime where there are two guys who are alchemists. It's pretty interesting, so I decided to follow it :P

Err, I have not got nothing to tell you :P
When I 'll have something new, I will post :)

keep following! 

giovedì 27 ottobre 2011

4k pageviews, USB pen found and 8-bit armchair :P

Hi guys! 

So today I have not got my test because my teacher didn't write it :P
What a lucky situation.

By the way, I found a 2GB USB pendrive on the ground, it's working and it's empty.
Yeah cool, even though I'd rather I found some... interesting documents :P ehehe.

Also, we reached 4000 pageviews. COOL! :D

Finally, I've found this image showing a armchair which is very very cool!!! :D
If I were rich, I would buy it at any price!! :D

What do you think about it??
Also,  how are you today?

keep following! 

mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011


Hi guys! 

Today I'm quite happy.
My Mt is working well now, and I have not a lot of problems with it.
It's so smooth!!! :)

By the way, on tomorrow I may have a web developing test.
Perhaps, it will be interesting :)

So, now I will work on a new web design to apply to the test - with new graphics and so on.
Because at the moment I am using a simple base without cool graphics.
Yeah of course my scripts are working :P
But a better graphics may improve my mark.
So I will work on it :)

At the moment we are using PHP as our scripting language, HTML&CSS as our encoding&formatting languages.
I really like web developing, in fact I hope I will work with it in my future (even other languages are accepted, I also work on C#/.NET, ASP, ...).

By the way, I've just read the Skyrim minimum requirements and I'm so happy because my workstation affords them!! :)
Would you like to know them??
Just click here to visit a cool blog with a lot of gaming news!! :)

Ok, now I will start working on my base' gfx :)

keep following!! :)

martedì 25 ottobre 2011 SCAM

Hi guys! 

Pay attention to this site, because it became SCAM! 
I'm talking about POUNDSBUX.COM.
Do NOT use it! 

By the way, in these days a lot of sites became SCAM.
Even and became scam :(

What a lunch!

Hi guys! 

So today, I had - as I told you yesterday - a great launch at all-you-can-eat-restaurant!
I went to this restaurant with my friends - we were in four.
We had shrimp chips, spicy poultry, tempura.... :)
We have eaten for about 2 hours and we finished a hour ago.
I'm so happy now!!! :D
Also, Ljin (the restaurant owner) invited us next week to the 1st year opening!
They will lower the price of the launch for a few days, so I think we will have another launch from them :D eheh.

By the way, now I'm at home and today it's rainy.
The rain is so interesting: in some days I think it's a the worst weather "state" because it makes me sad.
But there days in which I think it's so relaxing.

What do you think about the rain?
Is it cool? Or is it bad? Tell me what you think guys!!! :D

Also, keep following!

lunedì 24 ottobre 2011


Hi guys!

Today I will probably have my launch with my friends at a eat-as-much-as-you-can-Chinese/Japanese-restaurant :) (I think they are also called all-you-can-eat restaurants)
What do you think about this kind of restaurants? Do you like them?
I love them, because you can eat a lot of things with a few €uros (or dollars).

By the way, I really like sushi, sashimi, maki,... :)
And I love wasabi!

Another food I really like is durum kebab.
I think this is my favourite food at all. :)

Ok, now I'm a bit hungry :D

Eheh. Have a nice day and keep following ;)

domenica 23 ottobre 2011

Simoncelli has passed away :(

Hi guys..

Today I am not so happy.
Have you heard about Marco Simoncelli?
He was a great biker in the GP.
But today he had a terrifying accident in Sepang, Malesia.
He left us, and he flew away.

We will miss you.


sabato 22 ottobre 2011

S! - Nexus S' arrived :)

Hi guys!

First of all, my brother got his Nexus S.
I'm so happy for him - also I'm happy for me, because I will receive his Acer Liquid Metal :)
In a few days I will post his own impressions, because at the moment, I can say it's a great smartphone (fast as hell, cool materials and a really cool phone, not so big) but nothing more.

By the way, I had my history oral test: ...... 8 and 1/2! :)
I'm really happy :D (Of course)

And in my Electronics written test I had 8!


And, finally...
For my dinner, I will have a great fish-based dinner :P

So today it's a awesome day :D

I went to the shopping centre where I had to retire the camera my brother won (don't you remember? read this!).

It's a Sony DSC-H70.
Really cool :)

By the way, I have to do a written report in Electronics, so..

keep following! ;)

venerdì 21 ottobre 2011

Gwarhblh! - Zombies love

Hi guys! 

Today was a relaxing day.
I only had a bit boring history lesson (tomorrow I'll have the test!!!!) but nevermind.
By the way, today I'll know if my brother achieves his Nexus S' dream or not.
I hope I will do. :)

Also I've just seen a Big Bang Theory episode, I love it!
Sheldon is so cool :D

Anyway, tomorrow evening I will have my dinner at a restaurant where there will be a fish dinner, so there will be a lot of dishes with fish.

By the way, do you know Plants vs Zombies?
If you know it, you will find this picture amazing :D


However, I will study for a few hours now, I have so much history to do!!!
As always, keep following!

giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Qaddafi's dead? Also, UPDATES :D

Hi guys!

So today I had a Electronics test (as I told you yesterday) and it went so good :)
It was a long test (had 55 minutes to complete it, but there were a lot of questions and tasks to complete) but I completed it :)
Yeah, I think it went really well, it was not so difficult and I wrote a lot.

Also, in the Access test I had on Tuesday went very very well and the teacher gave a me 9/10 points. :))
I'm really happy and today it's a good day for me.

By the way, have you heard about Qaddafi?
A lot of people said he's a dead person now.
But are we sure about that? 
I really don't think this is possible.
In the same way, "they" told us Bin Laden were dead, but is it a true story?
I still can't trust them.

However, I have to study history.

Keep following! 

mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

Newzz :D

Hi guys!

So, today it's really cold. Not so cold, but it's cold - I say so because within a few months it will be colder (about -15/-20 °C).
Also I've covered some cut wood (it's going to rain) which will be burned asap. :)

By the way, today I will study Electronics for tomorrow (I will have a written test) and then history (oral test on saturday, as I told you here).

By the way, have you heard about the new Nexus Galaxy Prime?
It seems to be really interesting: Super AMOLED 4.65" with a resolution equal to 1280x720 Screen, Dual core 1.2GHz OMAP CPU, ... yeah it's not bad.
Although I think a better camera would be great (it mounts a 5 MPx CMOS).

However, my brother (aka lucky guy :D) will probably buy the Nexus S so he will probably give me his own smartphone (he has got a Acer Liquid Metal "MT").
So I will have this Mt plus my own smartphone, which is the Acer Liquid "A1" :D
Therefore I think I will sell one of them, for about 150-200€ since it's still "new".
It will be a lot of free cash :D and I love it.

By the way, I'm going to study now, keep following ;)

martedì 18 ottobre 2011

You know the title... Updates! :D

Hi guys!

So, first of all...

The test I had to do (I told you about it yesterday, here) went well, I made all the 10 tasks they asked me to do, so I think (and I hope) it went very well :)
Even though I forgot some things I had to put (for example, I forgot to limit the name's length and so on...).

By the way, on Saturday I will probably go to a shopping centre, where I have to do a few things:
#1 - My brother won a camera on a Internet contest, so we have to retire it.
#2 - I need a new keyboard because mine is really old and a lot of keys are not working.
A keyboard like this.
At the moment I own a "chicony kb-5916" which I bought in the '90.
#3 - An external hard drive, maybe a 2.5" with 500GB+ where I could put movies and other stuff which I will see on my TV.
I've just seen this which is really cool: USB3.0, 500GB, Western Digital My Passport, self-feeding.
WOW! :)

I hope I will find it :D
Because my actual storage consists of a 500GB internal HDD + a 160GB internal HDD (a person I helped gave me it :) ) and it's full :D

However, I have to study :P
On saturday I will have a history oral test, so I need to be prepared :)

Bye bye, keep following! :) 

lunedì 17 ottobre 2011


Hi guys!

I've just finished working with my wood :P
I'm so tired.
And tomorrow I'm having another test (in database with Access, I really hate it :/ I'd rather MySQL).

By the way, today's the birthday of one of the coolest blogger all over the net.
I'm talking about Timothy Bowen !
So happy birthday my friend :)

domenica 16 ottobre 2011


Hi guys!
I know you love PTCs (LOL) So I will post a new summary about all the best PTC sites which are still paying.

Haven't you got a LibertyReserve account?
Follow this guide to signup now for FREE

sabato 15 ottobre 2011


Hi guys! 

How are you?
I'm fine and I'm working hard with the wood - yes, I'm a lumberjack, too :P

This is why I don't post a lot of things.

By the way there are not a lot of updates, I've not received any payment upto now.

I received my blood donor card and I'm really proud of this.

Anyway, I'll go out and I will be back in a few hours.

I may post something :P

Keep following and have a nice weekend! ;)

giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

Investment made

Hi guys!

So, today I had my ITC test and it went very well.
I think I got a high mark on it - or at least I hope so :P

First of all, I still have no news on the payments I've requested.
But, I still have trust in the admins where I've withdrawn.
So I'll wait.

Then I made a little investment (2.50$) on BigTimeBux which is a great investmente PTC site.
At the moment I've bought 5 referals and their AVG (an average of the clicks they made every day) is over 2.5.
So it's going really well.

Now I will do my homework (a few exercise in Electronics) :)

keep following! 

mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

News and achievements

Hi guys!

First of all, thank you.
Because my blog has just reached 3000 pageviews :)
So I'm really happy.

Then, I've withdrawn (or at least, I've requested) two payments yesterday.
The first on PoundsBux, where I withdrew 5£, and the second on NextBux, where I withdrew 2$.
They are still in pending, but I hope they will pay me as soon as possible!
Or... we'll have two more scam sites :)

Tomorrow I will reach another payout on OurBux, about 2$.

Then, on LibertyLoan (here you find the guide on how to earn with them without doing nothing and here you'll find my first payment proof) I have $0.11 and my daily profit increased to $0.0111.
It's still not a lot, but it will increase :)

Finally, I've just had fish&chips, I really like them :D

Now I will study (because tomorrow I'm having a test).

Have a nice evening. :P
And keep following! ;)

martedì 11 ottobre 2011

PTC News: Scam and Legit owners

Hi guys!

I have a few news on some PTC sites.

The first one is related to this PTC (50centBux) which is not paying anymore.
But only to standard members (they say).
So if you'd like to receive a payment (and you are standard) you MUST buy an upgrade.
That's not fair
So I recommend you to do not click anymore on the site (if you are registered on it, of course).

TenAdsPlus is a great site, still paying but they have some problems so they are delaying some payment.
So now they pay on more than 30 business days.
But if they are still paying, then I'm happy (because I should receive a 10$ payment next week :D)

VeoBux is having a lot of problems, I think they've scammed.
Because payment is disabled for more than a week.
Even though they own a real company (or at least, they say so) I don't think they will pay anymore.
But I hope they will pay, because it's a good investment PTC.
If they resist and they continue paying, then I will make a good advertise for them :D

Then I am clicking on 2 new PTC sites.
They are AdzSure and ClickSure.
They are both paying and owned by the same admin.
Also they are online since last year.

I think that's all for the moment :)

Keep following!

lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Newzz and thoughts

Hi guys!
So today I have not withdrawn anything, but I am happy because tomorrow I will reach the payout limit on a few PTC sites, so I will be able to know if they pay or not.
If they have not scammed, then I will probably withdraw about 10-15$.
Not a lot, but it's cool cash :D
And it's always free cash.

Also today, I was thinking about my future.
I mean what I will do after my school state exam.
I have 3 ways which I consider valid:
#1 - I will continue studying in a university and I will live with my parents.
#2 - I will find a work.
#3 - I will find a two-roomed flat near the university, I will live there with my gf, and I will find a work and I will continue studying.

At the moment, #3 is the best choose for me.
What do you think guys?

domenica 9 ottobre 2011

Another new PTC with low PO

Hi guys!
I've just found a new PTC with a low payout (1$).
Dauphin-view$, which pays on AlertPay once you reach 1$.
If you want to try it, just click here and join it! =)

MarihuanaBux: 4th payment

Hi guys!
I've just withdrawn another payment from this great PTC :)

Register now and start earning!

Good morning!

Hi guys!
Today is sunny, and I am happy for this.

Also, I'm clicking my PTC sites and on one of them (ClixSense, one of the BEST PTCs) I won 0.10$ xD
Not a lot, but it is free cash, so I like it xD
Of course, if you are luckier than me, you can win upto 5$ for only one click on the ClixGrid.
I mean, it's an opportunity to earn easy cash =)
They pay on PayPal, AlertPay and Cheque.
Join it and try to win! :D

sabato 8 ottobre 2011


Hi all! 
From my place (Italy) at the moment (about 10pm) I can clearly see Jupiter.
Have you ever seen it?
I'm a follower of the sky since I was 8.
I really like stars and planets, because they show to the world how much little we are.
We are nothing compared to the whole sky.

Also, tonight there will be a "meteor shower" in the Drake constellation.
So, I will be out because I'd like to see how much of them I can count =)

Keep following.
And have a nice weekend!

Today... :D

Hi guys!
How are you?
I have just found a new PTC site, it seems to be interesting for short term withdraw.
I mean: in this PTC you will be able to earn 0.07£/day with your own click (because they give you a little premium membership for FREE) and they have a low payout ().
So in 14 days (+/-) you will be able to request this pound.
I think it's good enough :P
I am talking about TheCashBux.
Of course I do NOT suggest you to invest here.

Also, I've just reached 7$ on one of my favourite PTCs: InfinityBux.
I really suggest you this site, because it's stable and paying.

Keep following (and have a nice weekend!)

venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

LOL: funny situation

Have you read my latest post?
(this one)
In this post I was talking about a new PTC I was trying (BuxSokule).
Do you know what?
It has scammed.
xD Yeah, it is not paying.
What a funny thing.
BTW Now I'll have my dinner :)
See you.


Hi guys! 
So, today I have not earned a lot.
I mean, I've just reached the cashout limit on one PTC site, but when I withdraw (or, when I try to withdraw) it says that I need at least 100 click in order to cashout.
Funny thing. I really like this strategy, because you can reach the cashout limit in a few days, but then you must wait a lot of days before you get the payment.
That's strange.
By the way I'm talking about BuxSokule, it's not a great site IMHO.
They give you 7$ (which you can use to rent refs or to buy advertising) when you signup, but they don't confirm advertising.
I think it will scam in a few days :D but I hope I will reach my first PO on that site.

At the moment, the best sites are:
- ClixSense
- InfinityBux
- CRBux
- JohnBux
- FileServe

But there a lot of good sites.

By the way, how are your earnings going?
Did you withdraw something from the net in these days? =)

mercoledì 5 ottobre 2011

1st payment from LibertyLoan

Hi guys! 

So I've received the payment I requested on the site!
It works! :)
They sent me the payment a few hours after I requested the payment - I did not post it here 4 days ago because I was expecting a e-mail with the amoun sent, but they send the payment without sending any e-mail.


martedì 4 ottobre 2011

MariuhanaBux 3rd payment

Hi guys! :)
I've just received another payment from this amazing PTC.
I'm talking about MarihuanaBux
They pay you on AlertPay, PayPal, OKPay and LibertyReserve (have you got an account on LR? Follow this guide to create one now, and follow this guide to learn how to earn in a easy way!).

Register now!

domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Let's start earning with your new LibertyReserve account!

As I promised you, in this post I will explain you a way to earn for free some bucks on your new LibertyReserve account.
Don't you know how to create it for free? Just check this guide!

So, this is it!
The best thing about this "site" is: you have to do nothing to earn!

LibertyReserve: how to create an account with this e-wallet

Hi guys!
Do you use PayPal or AlertPay?
If you don't know - but I think you know them - they are the most known eCurrency you can find on the Net.
But, there is a new eCurrency which is good enough to make secure transitions online.

sabato 1 ottobre 2011


Hi all!
So today, I've received only a little payment of ~0.25$.
Really bad :D
By the way, I've found 1€ on the coach, while I was coming back home. Which is not bad. 
Therefore, I'm happy =) it's sunny, it's not so hot - I'd say it's warm -, and I love it.
I've just phoned my gf, tonight we'll meet!

BTW, keep following my blog, you may earn some bucks in a easy way =)

Canadian Dollar Falters as Global Economic Concerns Grow

The Canadian dollar is struggling against the US dollar in Forex trading today. Indeed, the loonie is one of several currencies dropping against the dollar as Forex traders look for safe haven in these difficult and disappointing times. With Chinese growth slowing, and the European sovereign debt crisis still in full effect, Forex traders are starting to get nervous about what’s next.

This nervousness is leading to gains for the US dollar, which continues to climb against the Canadian dollar. Even though the latest economic data shows that Canada’s economy grew in July, there are still very real concerns about how a general economic slowdown, led by China and the US, could affect the Canadian dollar. Loonie is down by levels not seen in nearly a year against the greenback.

At 13:07 GMT, USD/CAD is at 1.0441, up from the open at 1.0362. The Canadian dollar is also down against the UK pound, with GBP/CAD at 1.6272, up from the open at 1.6195. It is worth noting that US dollar is up against most major currencies today, on safe haven demand, with EUR/USD lower at 1.3467, down from the open at 1.3598.

New Zealand Dollar Falls on S&P and Fitch Downgrades

The New Zealand dollar fell today, reaching the lowest level vs. the US currency in almost 6 months, following the sovereign credit rating downgrades performed by Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings agencies.

The kiwi (as the currency is often nicknamed by the market participants) lost also to the euro, the Japanese yen and the Australian dollar, staying almost unchanged against the the Great Britain pound. Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings both downgraded the country’s credit rating by one notch: from AA+ to AA for foreign currency and from AAA to AA+ for the local currency. The main reason cited by S&P is the series of the devastating earthquakes (with February 2011 Christchurch earthquake being the most significant of them):

The lowering of the foreign and local currency long-term ratings follows our assessment of the likelihood that New Zealand’s external position will deteriorate further at a time when the country’s fiscal settings have been weakened by earthquake-related spending pressures and fiscal stimulus to support growth.

The analysts point out a relative weakness of the downgrade’s effect on the background of other bearish factors for the New Zealand currency, like the global financial climate and commodity market correction. Nevertheless, this credit rating decision may set a long-term trend for the NZD.

NZD/USD fell from 0.7698 to 0.7640 as of 12:08 GMT today, reaching the daily low at 0.7617 — the minimum level since April 1. NZD/JPY declined from 59.15 to 58.75, while AUD/NZD grew from 1.2683 to 1.2719 with a daily high at 1.2773 (pair’s maximum since September 8)

Risk Appetite Appears, Helping Euro in Forex Trading

Risk appetite is making an appearance today, helping the euro in Forex trading as investors look for better yields. Unexpectedly good news has many Forex traders considering that things might start turning around — and this is helping the euro right now.

One of the biggest supports for the euro is that German parliament voted to support the euro bailout fund. With a little more support for the EFSF, there is hope that the sovereign debt crisis could be contained. This news has spurred the euro higher against the US dollar in forex trading, although there are still some doubts about whether or not the sovereign debt crisis can be resolved.

Another bit of positive news is that US economic data surprised to the upside. Jobless claims dropped dramatically, falling to their lowest level in six months. While the US economy still has a long way to go (the Federal Reserve recently downgraded the outlook), there are signs that things might be turning around for the US economy — albeit slowly.

These two pieces of news have combined, however, to create a situation where risk appetite is making an appearance. At 13:42 GMT, EUR/USD is at 1.3611, up from the open at 1.3543. EUR/JPY is at 104.80, up from the open at 103.75. Euro isn’t faring so well against the UK pound, though; EUR/GBP is down to 0.8685, down from the open at 0.8695

Asian Stocks Push AUD, NZD Up

Both the Australian and the New Zealand dollars appear to be benefiting from the Asian stock market recovery, rising from the yesterday’s strong fall.

Influenced by the daily growth in the Japanese and the Korean stock markets, the two currencies advanced from the lows of Wednesday today. They gained most notably against the US dollar and the Japanese yen, which are still perceived as the ”safe heaven” currencies and remain unpopular during the times of the global financial optimism.

Tokyo Nikkei 225 index rose by 0.99 percent during today’s session, while Korean KOSPI index added 2.68 percent at the time of market close. Being export-aimed economies, Australia and New Zealand are dependant on the overall state of the Asian economies. Their currencies experience an elevated level of demand during the regional stock market rallies. Shanghai SSE Composite index lost 1.12 percent today on country growth slowdown forecasts.

AUD/USD rose from 0.9749 to 0.9836 as of 10:56 GMT today. AUD/JPY went up from 74.61 to 75.44. NZD/USD rose from 0.7742 to 0.7800, while the NZD/JPY currency pair advanced from 59.25 to 59.83 today