Cash I received

martedì 29 novembre 2011

Dat channel!

Hi guys! 

So I reached 8k views! :D yay!

Anyway, today I will talk about you about an interesting topic, even though sometimes people considers it something really bad and evil.

I'm talking about 4chan.

4chan is a ImageBoard, created by m00t, where a lot of people open topics about everything - there are a lot of dedicated sections (such as /hr/ - high resolution, /vp/ - pokèmon, and so on).
But the biggest section is called /b/ (where there are random topics).
In /b/ you talk about anything and there a lot of strange topics - such as "rate my d*ck thread", "rate me thread" and so on.

Anyway, on 4chan you can post anonimously, in fact almost all topics are made by Anonymous - which is not the name of the hackers group :).

So.... what do you think about this? Is it normal to post everything you want anonimously?

lunedì 28 novembre 2011

Only 60 views to 8k!

Hi guys! 

Only 60 visits to reach 8.000 visits! :)
Also, followers count is increasing week by week!

Anyway, I'm doing some English exercises. Then, I'll play that game... :D
You know what I mean : )

I'm also listening to music, while I'm doing homework.
This is my favourite :P It's Italian I know,  but you may also like the sound... :)

Anyway, keep following!!! :)

sabato 26 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

Today... Oh my, amazing!
I really enjoyed it, the speeches at the OpenSourceDay were amazing (especially the Android development speech)!!!!!!
I've also bought a Perl pocket resource, I heard it's better than PHP even though I don't think so... but I will try ;)

Anyway, now I'm doing a Electronics relation with my gf.. After we'll have another relation session, lol.
Or at least, I hope so :D

Bye bye, see you soon and have a nice weekend! ;)

venerdì 25 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

I'm cleaning my room, oh my... :D
anyway, I've just won 0.20$ on ClixSense (0.10 and 0.10) :P I'm so lucky sometime :D

And tomorrow there will be the Open Source Day! Yay!

I will wait for you there! :D eheheh

giovedì 24 novembre 2011

Today.. Today... nothin!

Hi guys! :D

Err... Today I have not got any news LOL
But I have just received a attendance certification for yesterday :)

That's cool!
Now... I'll go in the Skyrim world, LOL
see you soon, keep followin! ;)

mercoledì 23 novembre 2011

news about the course

Hi guys!

How are you??
So, today I went to the web security training course and it was really interesting!
It was a company-oriented course, but it was really interesting even for students.
Anyway, they spoke a lot about centralized systems (to get a higher performance and security) and they also spoke about "new" technologies (such as IPv6), especially about cloud computing.

I found it amazing and cool! :)
There were not a lot of people, and I was the only "young" person :P

Then, they spoke about many possibilities to get the best cloud, and I found the Microsoft Intune the best one. (even though I am a Linux follower! :D) It's really interesting and reliable.

Anyway, I won't advertise them since they do not pay me :D lol

Now I have some things to do, so keep following! :)

martedì 22 novembre 2011

7k pageviews, 40 followers, IT course!

Hi guys! 

So, at the moment I'm looking for a fast way to reach the university in which I'll take part into the IT security training course.
It's a bit far from my home so I need to prepare myself :D
Anyway, I'm so excited!!!!!!! :P :P
There will be courses about IPv6, Web security, Kaspersky solution, Cloud computing and much more!!

Also today I got a 9+/10 in a test, I'm really proud! :)

Eheheh, now I have to do my homework, keep following!!

PS: Just reached 7.000 pageviews and more than 40 followers!!!! 

lunedì 21 novembre 2011

The situation..

Hi guys! 

So, upto now I have these projects running:
#1 - On Wednesday (and not on Thursday) I'm going to take place into a IT and web security training course.
#2 - On Saturday, I will take part into the Open Source Day.

Wow. :D
I'm so excited about these projects, because I'm really interested into.
Anyway, I have some homework to do and after I'm going to... play on Skyrim, LOL :D

Ehehehe, keep following!

domenica 20 novembre 2011

Skyrim... is killing my social life :D

Hi guys! 

I've just cleaned my room and moved some things in other place: now I have more free space. About 3GB LOL.

Ok, now I will play Skyrim.
see you after!! :)

sabato 19 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

So first of all, I have to say that another test I had last week went very well :)
I'm really proud of it.

Also, I'm a Skyrim addicted, lol :D
It is so awesome and I really like it!

There are a few bugs in it, but it is normal and those bugs are not so "big".
By the way, I think they did not calibrate correctly the mouse, because it's a bit slower than a normal movement.

Hei guys... have you tried it?!?! :D

venerdì 18 novembre 2011

Open source... what do u think?

Hi guys! 

So today one of my favourite teachers told me that I will take part into a professional IT security training course for free.... WOW! :)

Also next saturday I'm going to go to the Open Source Day!! :)

This is the third year that I take part into this project and I love it! :)

By the way, tomorrow I may have a oral test in IT :)

But today I'm so happy!! :D

What do you think about Open Source OS?

For example BSD systems (OpenBSD, NetBSD, ...) or Linux systems (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mandriva, ...).
At the moment I'm using a Ubuntu system and a SlackWare OS.
I think they are amazing, also they are free! :D
Eheheh, and we know that free things are the best :P

keep following! 

mercoledì 16 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

So, finally, the busy week has come to the end.
Now I won't have tests within a few weeks.
I'm really happy about that.

Also, I'm loving some PTCs I'm using :D for example ClixSense and MarihuanaBux :)
I'm trying 2 PTCs which might be really good.

The first is BuxSL.
You can register clicking here.
Every click is paid 0.01$, the minimum payout is as low as 2$ and they are paying istantly.

The second is 150cents.
In this PTC, they pay 0.003$ per click, there are about 10 clicks/day, the minimum payout is 1$ and they pay instantly.
But, this ptc is a bit different: because the clicks you make can not be used to payout. In fact, you'll be able to payout, once reached the minimum, only the click made by your referals.
But this is a matrix-PTC, so you'll receive credits also by the refs of your refs, and so on, upto
The click you make can be used to purchase upgrades (as low as 1.50$ lifetime).
You can register by clicking here.

If you are interested in, join them and ask everything you'd like to know here :)

also, keep following :D

lunedì 14 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

So today I went to the hospital - because I had a few exams to do.
By the way, yesterday I played Skyrim on my PC...
It's a awesome game, trust me!
I played it in medium quality, but it's quite good!
I'll try it in high or ultra, of course :D
I took some screenshots, but at the moment I do not find them :D
Once I reach their position, I'll post them :D

Tomorrow I will have a bad test at school - a written Italian test.
Quite difficult for me D: I hope it will be easy :D

keep following! ;)

sabato 12 novembre 2011

Skyrim: nowadays, my thoughts, your thoughts.

Hi guys! 

So, have you bought your Skyrim game??????????????????????????????
I have not bought it upto now :D
I'll wait a few days, but I'm so excited!
Also I saw there are so much releases on the net :D
that's funny and sad at the same time, because in only one day that game has been uploaded to the net.

By the way, I still don't know on which platform I should test it: I mean, on my PC or on my PS3?
I'm thinking about this because I have not a really powerful PC, so I think I'll have to keep low all the graphics, so on the PS3 it wouldn't mind.
So I still don't know.. I think I'll use it on the PS3, but I'm not so sure.... :D

What do you think guys?

keep following! ;)

venerdì 11 novembre 2011

Skyrim 11-11-11!

Hi guys!

Today Skyrim has been released.
That's the biggest and coolest news on today :)

Also on today I had a test which I don't think went so good :(

Now I'm studying literature, because today I will have another written test.. :/

So I won't write a lot - also I haven't got a lot to write P:

keep following! ;)

giovedì 10 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

I'm so tired!
Today I had two tests, one written - in Electronics - and one practical - in Web Development.
I really like them - especially the second - but when I have them on thursday, it's really hard to do.

By the way, today there will be 2 cool releases: the first one is Skyrim!
I really love The Elder Scrolls series and I think this one will be amazing!
The second one is The immortals, a new movie directed by the same director as 300. So it may interesting!

But Skyrim.... WOW!
Have you seen some screenshots or videos?
I think this one is amazing!

What do you think guys?
If you like it, I have a good news for you...In about 5 hours, it will be released!
So keep following and enjoy this new amazing Bethesda Software game!

mercoledì 9 novembre 2011

6000 pageviews, payment received and new cash opportunity

Hi guys!

Today is a good day :)
I reached 6'000 pageviews, and I'm really happy about that :P

Also, I have just received a payment from SweBux (join now by clicking here) - Which I requested about a week ago.
But they paid me, so I like them :D eheheheh.

By the way, I have just found another easy way to get some cash.
I'm talking about Varolo, which is a great advertising society where you are paid to watch and rate their ads. It is really cool and easy.
Also you may win a lot with their weekly jackpot.
So, please help me building my downline, JOIN now and start earning money!! :)

also, keep following :D

martedì 8 novembre 2011

Payment received!

Hi guys! 

First of all, I received the payment I requested on ClixSense. :)
They are really punctual.

I am really happy!! :D
I love them!

By the way, yesterday I finished reading another great book: Metro 2033.
It's really interesting :)
And tonight (or tomorrow) I will start the next chapter :D

Also, I have just found this amazingly funny pic :D

I hope you'll get it :D it's really funny :D

keep following ;)

lunedì 7 novembre 2011



I've just found a video I'd like to show you.

What do you think about UFOs?
Do you think they exist?

School trip

Hi guys! 

I still have backache. I am really elder. D:

By the way, I am thinking about creating a tri-boot on my netbook.
At the moment I have a dual-boot (WinXP and Ubuntu Oneiric) but I'd like to install a new OS - I have to choose among some OS (Fedora, OpenSuse, Arch or Mandriva).

And this year we might go on school trip!! - last year we didn't go because teachers didn't allowed us.
In our group we decided to go on Bratislava-Budapest, but we are waiting official school trips (at the moment we are choosing among some trips our teacher decided to approve).
I really hope we will go on dat trip :D

By the way now I 'll study math.
Bye bye, keep following! :)

domenica 6 novembre 2011

The bird-bird-bird, the bird is the word!

Hi guys! 

This week will be really hard for me D:
Because I will have a test almost everyday.
So I will be a bit busy.

By the way tomorrow I should receive my payment from ClixSense (because they pay on monday).

Now I'm downloading some Full Metal Alchemist chapters, within a few days I should end the first series.
It's awesome!

Also my brother has just won a PenDrive, LOL! :D
So lucky! :D

I will leave you with a video I love :)

LOL I love it :D

keep following! 

sabato 5 novembre 2011

It's Saturday!

Hi guys! 

Today I will probably change my keyboard! Yay! :D
At least I hope so :)

By the way, I've just had a kebab. Love it.

So, today's saturday!
What are you doing tonight?
- Party all-night-long?
- Drinks, dance and girls?
- PC and videogames?
- A movie with your gf/bf?
- A movie with your family?
- ... what else? :D

So, I think I will watch the TV (simpsons movie tonight!).
But first of all I'll do my homework :)
But... yeah, I'd rather watching a movie with my gf, but that's not possible atm.
:( so sad.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and keep following! ;)

venerdì 4 novembre 2011

Requested 10$ on ClixSense

Hi guys!

So, I've just requested 10$ on ClixSense, the best PTC :)
Monday I will receive my payment :)

I am happy :D
Also, today I'm home, I'm not at school. Cool :D

By the way, have you ever tried typing do a barrel roll in Google??
(With Google Chrome this thing works, you have to try it :D)
It's really funny :)

Anyway, do you like pizza??? :D
I love pizza!
Awesome taste.

Lol, I'm hungry! :D

keep following! ;)

giovedì 3 novembre 2011

ClixSense: another win!

Hi guys! 

So yesterday I have not posted anything on the site.
I'm sorry about that. :(

By the way, on the Information Technology written test I had a few days ago, I got a 9.5/10 :)
Oh yeah!

Also I have a bad news for a lot of investors: I have a payment on pending on IncraseBux and I have a upgrade.
Yeah, I think IncraseBux is turning scam. :/

A lot of PTCs are turning scam, because of problems with some e-currencies like PayPal and AlertPay.
This is why PayPal does not allow Paid To Click "industries" so they block a lot of PTC owner's account (specially big PTC owners, because they generate a lot of traffic) and AlertPay is having some problems with credit/debit cards.

That's a terrifying situation: a lot sites might "collapse".

I hope AlertPay will resolve its problem with CC, because I have to retire some cash on my credit card :)

ALSO, I've just won 0.50$ on ClixSense!!!! I DO LOVE IT!!  :)

Remember, register on this site through this banner!!! 

keep following! ;)

martedì 1 novembre 2011

Hellouin! :D

Hi guys! 

So yesterday I went to a party with my friends and I have to say it was amazing! :)
There were a lot of girls also, beautiful girls :P wehehe.
By the way, have you enjoyed your Halloween's day??

I still have headache and backache, but tomorrow I will be at school again :S
And on thursday I will have another oral test :/
I'm so busy in these days :(

Also, I've just won 0.10$ on ClixSense (register now here), the best PTC site :)
Upto now, with this site, I've earned 40$ with a 10$ investment. Cool :)

Finally, I have requested a 2$ payment with SweBux. I hope I will receive it in a few days :)

keep following! ;)