Cash I received

mercoledì 27 luglio 2011

And now.... The best way to earn money: TRUST ME!

So, I love PTCs, and I think you know that :D
By the way, there is another great method to earn cash very easily.

It is called......



It is NOT a PTC!
In FileServe you will upload videos, archives, pictures or whatever and then you will share the links you generate with your friends or on your blog: then for EACH download you will gain something!!

And... TRUST ME... this "something" can make the difference...
for example...
THIS is the first payment I received.
THIS is the second.
THIS is the third.
Do you understand?
They are 87$!
Plus I have 23$ in my Balance!

Come on!
Join this beautiful world!!!!!!

7 commenti:

  1. oh wow thats really neat i will have to look into that

  2. now that looks like easy cash :D

  3. Surely it can't be this easy, this looks really interesting.

  4. Oh trust me, it's not so difficult :)
    I mean, I have a slow connection (my upload speed is 20-30KB/s) so I uploaded about 50 files in a few months. Then you only need to share with everyone (forum, blog, website, chat, facebook, twitter,...) :)

  5. do you have to put any money in to start off with?

  6. Oh no.
    With a free account you can earn as much as you can, with no limits. The only limit is the space you have on the server: you can upload at maximum 500 GB.
    It's totally free :)
    If you'd like to try it, please use the link I wrote in the first post :)