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martedì 19 luglio 2011

Johnbux - The new buxspace!

Hi guys!
Do you remember BuxSpace ??
IT was a great PTC, but they closed: the admin of this PTC opened a new PTC called Johnbux where he put all the Buxspace and the Dollarfastmoney members, then he closed the 2 old PTCs..

So, here are the Johnbux details:
Pay per click:0.008$
Pay per ref. click:0.004$
PayOut:2$, 3$, 4$, ..., 10$
Processors:Alertpay, Paypal

There is an upgrade which is great: it costs 10.90$ for 1 year membership!
Join here: Johnbux

7 commenti:

  1. i heard about this, ill check it out

  2. Cool, does anyone have any idea how long it might take to get $10 on this?

  3. About 200 days if you have no referals :)
    because there are 5 ads paid 0.01$ each (Upgraded member)
    With 1 referal about 133 days.
    With 2 referal about 100 days... :)