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lunedì 22 agosto 2011

ClixSense - Elite PTC where you can invest $14.95 to earn $500!

Ref Link:
(if you'd like to register with our "500$ Earning Group", do not use this ref-link)

PTC online since 2007, it is considered a ELITE PTC! :woot:

Click: 0,01$ ~ 0,05$
Ads count: Variable (upto 20 ADS every day, even more)
Minimum PayOut (auto-paying every monday): 10$ with PayPal or AlertPay | 100$ through CHEQUE
Payment Processors: PayPal - AlertPay - CHEQUE
Payment time: They pay on the 10th every month
Upgrade: $14.95 (Once you Upgrade your account you will receive 100 ads paid $0.01 per ad, so you will earn $1 with this)

Referal earning:
8-levels referal scheme!!! (for Premium Users)
- 0,2$ you will receive $0.20 for every referal which click 20 ads (for Premium Users)
- you will receive 10% for every ad clicked by your direct referal (if you are Standard Member) OR 50% if you are Premium.
- 2$ if one of your direct refs buys an Upgrade (Direct Ref = someone who registered to ClixSense with your ref).
- 1$ if a ref of your ref (so a second level ref) buys an upgrade. Same thing with all the levels upto the 8th one!
- 10% for every ad package bought by one of your refs.

Other Earning methods:
You will have 25 clicks every day (50 if you are premium) which you can make on a grid which contains an image.
If you click on the right places you will receive a bonus from 0,10$ to 5$. Otherwise they will show you a page containing their sponsors.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT! It will show you when there are ads available. Use it with the alert (you can set it in your Account Settings)

How to earn more than 500$ doing only one upgrade:

As I said before, for every referal which buys an upgrade, you will earn 2$.
Using the eight levels referal scheme (remeber this PTC is online since 2007, so it is really interesting if you want to invest), we can earn a lot of cash investing only $14.95 (the Upgrade cost).
Just do some math: if 5 people register to ClixSense with your ref-link and then they get 5 referals with their link (and so on) then this is the situation in which you will be:

So, if you invest 14,95$ (to buy your upgrade), you will instantly receive 1$ (with the 100 clicks ClixSense gives you), you will only need 3 referal to earn more than what you have invested.
Then this system goes on! The more you will go deeper, the more you will earn!

Join our Pyramidal-scheme:

Therefore here we can start our "Conga-Pyramid". Here is the scheme:

First of all we will fill the first level (5 ref). These people MUST buy the Upgrade then they will receive 3 ref from this pyramidal-scheme.
Doing so, we will unlock the second level, which will proceed with the same order, same thing for the subsequent levels.

If you'd like to sign-up with this Pyramidal Earning Group DO NOT SIGN UP.
You have only to write here your availability and you have to have $14.95 on PayPal, PostePay or AlertPay then you have to wait.
Therefore I will contact you and I will send you the ref-link you have to use to sign-up.

ONCE YOU WILL BUY THE UPGRADE you will be considered as a part of the Pyramidal-Scheme.

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  1. Wow, that sounds like a great payout!

  2. pretty cool deal, I'll have to check this out

  3. Seems awesome, but any strategy that involves a pyramid gets me a little wary.