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lunedì 8 agosto 2011

EasyClix PTC

Hi guys,
I'm just trying this new PTC.
But I think it's important to say this is not only a PTC, it is also a PTS (or PPL), a PTR and a PTP.
What do I mean? It's easy.

- PTC: you get paid to click :D
--- ATM you can make: 0.05€, 5 click
- PTS/PPL: you get paid to register, confirm your email and then compile a simple form in the main site. (e.g.: you register with your data into a website; you receive an email to your mailbox; you click on the "confirmation/validation link"; then you go back to the PTC and you fill in the form the data you generated: username, email address, mail you received.)
--- ATM you can make: 6.04€, 10 offers
- PTR: you get paid to read "emails" or simple text.
--- ATM you can make: 0.01€, 1 email
- PTP: you get paid to download/install software, tools or whatever (not viruses, btw)
--- ATM you can make: 50Coins/points, 1 download

Here you can find some details on the PTC:
Pay per click: 0.01€
Payout: 5€
Payment processors: Paypal

Register here: now!! ;)

2 commenti:

  1. Yes it is :)
    ATM in my balance I have 1.25€ made with one ref work, lol :)