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domenica 18 settembre 2011

In the last month I earned about 110$ on Paypal/Alertpay account spending only one (1) hour a day

How did I do that? It's easy.
The only thing I've done is...

Do you really wanna know?
I just signed up to these online websites:

- ClixSense, about 8$/mo
- TenAdsPlus, about 10$/mo

- InfinityBux, about 5$/mo
- PowerfulBux, about 5$/mo
- ForeverBux, about 5$/mo
- BuxSecure, about 5$/mo
- TVIPTC, about 5$/mo
- BulletBux, about 5$/mo
- CRBux, about 7-8$/mo
- BuxUnleashed, about 5$/mo
- 50CentBux, about 3$/mo
- AdvGold, more than 15$/mo
- StalkerBux, about 6$/mo

Finally, (I have more sites like the previos I mentioned, btw)
The best site ever, where I earn more than 25$/mo, FileServe

Join these sites and get rich! :D

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