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venerdì 7 ottobre 2011


Hi guys! 
So, today I have not earned a lot.
I mean, I've just reached the cashout limit on one PTC site, but when I withdraw (or, when I try to withdraw) it says that I need at least 100 click in order to cashout.
Funny thing. I really like this strategy, because you can reach the cashout limit in a few days, but then you must wait a lot of days before you get the payment.
That's strange.
By the way I'm talking about BuxSokule, it's not a great site IMHO.
They give you 7$ (which you can use to rent refs or to buy advertising) when you signup, but they don't confirm advertising.
I think it will scam in a few days :D but I hope I will reach my first PO on that site.

At the moment, the best sites are:
- ClixSense
- InfinityBux
- CRBux
- JohnBux
- FileServe

But there a lot of good sites.

By the way, how are your earnings going?
Did you withdraw something from the net in these days? =)

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