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venerdì 28 ottobre 2011

Updates and new way to make cash!

Hi guys!

So upto now, today has been a quiet day.
But now, I have to study because tomorrow I will have an Information Technology written test.
The topic is: database.
It's a wide topic, I know; in fact, there are a lot of things to know. :)

By the way, yesterday I have received a payment but I think it has been sent to me by a old PTC which I deleted since it was not paying. The sender has a strange e-mail, so I can't recognize who is him :(

Nevermind! :)

Also, in these days, I'm watching a really cool anime: Full Metal Alchemist.
It's a anime where there are two guys who are alchemists. It's pretty interesting, so I decided to follow it :P

Err, I have not got nothing to tell you :P
When I 'll have something new, I will post :)

keep following! 

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