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mercoledì 26 ottobre 2011


Hi guys! 

Today I'm quite happy.
My Mt is working well now, and I have not a lot of problems with it.
It's so smooth!!! :)

By the way, on tomorrow I may have a web developing test.
Perhaps, it will be interesting :)

So, now I will work on a new web design to apply to the test - with new graphics and so on.
Because at the moment I am using a simple base without cool graphics.
Yeah of course my scripts are working :P
But a better graphics may improve my mark.
So I will work on it :)

At the moment we are using PHP as our scripting language, HTML&CSS as our encoding&formatting languages.
I really like web developing, in fact I hope I will work with it in my future (even other languages are accepted, I also work on C#/.NET, ASP, ...).

By the way, I've just read the Skyrim minimum requirements and I'm so happy because my workstation affords them!! :)
Would you like to know them??
Just click here to visit a cool blog with a lot of gaming news!! :)

Ok, now I will start working on my base' gfx :)

keep following!! :)

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  1. Remember, friendly-design and easy way to access information tops cool and flashy graphics. And lucky you, my old wooden box would never run Skyrim, even on 320x240 res.

  2. Hey thanks for the link! :) Any help I can offer please don't hesitate in contacting me!

    I'll be more than happy to advise!

    All the best,

    D22 Zone -