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martedì 25 ottobre 2011

What a lunch!

Hi guys! 

So today, I had - as I told you yesterday - a great launch at all-you-can-eat-restaurant!
I went to this restaurant with my friends - we were in four.
We had shrimp chips, spicy poultry, tempura.... :)
We have eaten for about 2 hours and we finished a hour ago.
I'm so happy now!!! :D
Also, Ljin (the restaurant owner) invited us next week to the 1st year opening!
They will lower the price of the launch for a few days, so I think we will have another launch from them :D eheh.

By the way, now I'm at home and today it's rainy.
The rain is so interesting: in some days I think it's a the worst weather "state" because it makes me sad.
But there days in which I think it's so relaxing.

What do you think about the rain?
Is it cool? Or is it bad? Tell me what you think guys!!! :D

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