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martedì 29 novembre 2011

Dat channel!

Hi guys! 

So I reached 8k views! :D yay!

Anyway, today I will talk about you about an interesting topic, even though sometimes people considers it something really bad and evil.

I'm talking about 4chan.

4chan is a ImageBoard, created by m00t, where a lot of people open topics about everything - there are a lot of dedicated sections (such as /hr/ - high resolution, /vp/ - pokèmon, and so on).
But the biggest section is called /b/ (where there are random topics).
In /b/ you talk about anything and there a lot of strange topics - such as "rate my d*ck thread", "rate me thread" and so on.

Anyway, on 4chan you can post anonimously, in fact almost all topics are made by Anonymous - which is not the name of the hackers group :).

So.... what do you think about this? Is it normal to post everything you want anonimously?

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