Cash I received

venerdì 25 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

I'm cleaning my room, oh my... :D
anyway, I've just won 0.20$ on ClixSense (0.10 and 0.10) :P I'm so lucky sometime :D

And tomorrow there will be the Open Source Day! Yay!

I will wait for you there! :D eheheh

7 commenti:

  1. I played with clicxsense over a week and it's totally a waste of time, they're earning a lot of money by your clicks and you get a shit in exchange.

  2. maybe youll find some change you lost while cleaning!

  3. .20$, not bad for one of those clicky things.

  4. @Orang3: Clixsense is a PTC, so it is normal earning a few cents. Anyway, they inserted the ClixGrid and you can earn more using it. Also, to get a lot (I mean, more than 20$/month) you must have a lot of referals. This is the normal PTC. So it is not strange. Anyway, ClixSense is the best if you like PTCs sites.

    Finally, I'd say that advertising sites won't let you earn thousands of dollars if you have not thousands of thousands of visits every day.
    So it is the SAME thing. I use several advertising methods here, but I still get more money using PTCs sites.