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lunedì 7 novembre 2011

School trip

Hi guys! 

I still have backache. I am really elder. D:

By the way, I am thinking about creating a tri-boot on my netbook.
At the moment I have a dual-boot (WinXP and Ubuntu Oneiric) but I'd like to install a new OS - I have to choose among some OS (Fedora, OpenSuse, Arch or Mandriva).

And this year we might go on school trip!! - last year we didn't go because teachers didn't allowed us.
In our group we decided to go on Bratislava-Budapest, but we are waiting official school trips (at the moment we are choosing among some trips our teacher decided to approve).
I really hope we will go on dat trip :D

By the way now I 'll study math.
Bye bye, keep following! :)

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