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sabato 12 novembre 2011

Skyrim: nowadays, my thoughts, your thoughts.

Hi guys! 

So, have you bought your Skyrim game??????????????????????????????
I have not bought it upto now :D
I'll wait a few days, but I'm so excited!
Also I saw there are so much releases on the net :D
that's funny and sad at the same time, because in only one day that game has been uploaded to the net.

By the way, I still don't know on which platform I should test it: I mean, on my PC or on my PS3?
I'm thinking about this because I have not a really powerful PC, so I think I'll have to keep low all the graphics, so on the PS3 it wouldn't mind.
So I still don't know.. I think I'll use it on the PS3, but I'm not so sure.... :D

What do you think guys?

keep following! ;)

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