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giovedì 10 novembre 2011


Hi guys! 

I'm so tired!
Today I had two tests, one written - in Electronics - and one practical - in Web Development.
I really like them - especially the second - but when I have them on thursday, it's really hard to do.

By the way, today there will be 2 cool releases: the first one is Skyrim!
I really love The Elder Scrolls series and I think this one will be amazing!
The second one is The immortals, a new movie directed by the same director as 300. So it may interesting!

But Skyrim.... WOW!
Have you seen some screenshots or videos?
I think this one is amazing!

What do you think guys?
If you like it, I have a good news for you...In about 5 hours, it will be released!
So keep following and enjoy this new amazing Bethesda Software game!

5 commenti:

  1. Saw a little bit of the gameplay from the prereleases.. looks soo good.

  2. never really been into these kinda games but the trailers are looking so epic

  3. I watched a rap on youtube with skyrim it was awesome, I'm really getting interested in this game. Last of all, DRAGONS!!!

  4. I will definitely be playing this one