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lunedì 12 dicembre 2011

cloud-computing solution

Hi guys!!

...yes, I know. In these days I haven't written anything. :(
It's because I'm really busy, a lot to do and to study..
anyway, in these days OnLive has been released for Android OS.
-What is OnLive?
OnLive is a new solution with which you may play "PlayStation 3" (I mean, extreme games which need a lot of RAM and CPU) games on your smartphone.
-How is this possible?
This is possible because all the games will be cloud-computed, so you'll only see the "final image" with which you can play.
But, What is cloud-computing?
If you don't know, cloud-computing is a "new" technology that computes everything in the cloud, so you will only see the output - so you need a Internet connection, of course.

....I think this is amazing!
However, is it possible to play only trial games, but you'll also be able to play full games (but you have to pay them, of course).
So, finally, you may say: "but we won't play those games free".
Yes, that's true!
But, think about this thing: you will only need a really "old" computer (for example mine: 3.16GHz dual-cpu, 512MB graphic card, 2GB RAM) with a Internet connection to play the new game "L.A. Noire" (which needs really high details to play with).

What do you think????????

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