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mercoledì 21 dicembre 2011

maybe one day...!

Hi guys!

So today I had a amazing all-you-can-eat launch :P
Eheh, really cool!!!
Now I'm downloading the latest Xubuntu distro to try it on my netbook.
And I'm studying for a test I have on tomorrow.
Tomorrow.. will be the last day of school!!!!!!!!!!!!! *______* lovely
and then I'll have 15days of relax.

Christmas, the new year,... a lot of parties in these days!!! :)

Asus Zenbook UX31.. I love it!! *_* It would be amazing as a gift, :P
but I can't afford it at the moment D: maybe one day.... :D

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  1. God damit, grumble. I shall have no holidays this year. Until January.