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giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

Skyrim addicted :D

Hi guys!

That project is stealing me a lot of time :P
But I'm really happy: I'm learning a new tool and I'm improving my skills with it :)

Also I'm level 47 in Skyrim, lol
I like that game :P it's so damnly addicting!!

Anyway, the year's end is coming!
What are you doing on the 31st?
I think... nothing lol :D or I may take part into a party.
I still don't know what I will do :)

But you? Have you any project?

keep following ;)

7 commenti:

  1. i havent got skyrim. Heck, i dont even have oblivion.. i guess i better get started then

  2. Skyrim is so great!
    I don't have any projects at the moment.

  3. Ah people say they're addicted to skyrim they have no idea what world of warcraft was like back in 2008 its a noob friendly game now so no one likes it but back then omg 6 hours a day without fail lol then weekends.... After one year with that game I racked up 81 days of game play like in game hours lol

  4. Me? Get to a decent rank in Starcraft 2. Aiming for Gold right now.

  5. @Baur yeah I know :D I was addicted to Metin2, I don't know how many time I've spent on that game lol