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domenica 29 gennaio 2012

Trinity course?!

I'm really busy guys :/
I have to do a lot of things in these days..
Also, I think I will attend to the Trinity Masterclass course and this year I will do the ISE IV or III and I'm studying on how to do it...
Have you tried any Trinity course?
Was it difficult?
Upto now I have done level 0 and level 1: I have done the first about 4 years ago and I passed it with 70, the second last year and I passed it with 100. But levels 3/4 will be really hard to do :/

5 commenti:

  1. There are so many different things that call themselves Trinity Masterclass, which one are you doing?

  2. I wish you good luck for these levels!

  3. I don't know what a Trinity course is!

  4. A trinity masterclass course is a course in which you have to attend to a controlled written test and a oral test - a interview - and then you receive a certificate!