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mercoledì 4 maggio 2011

ClixSense - How to gain MORE!

Now i will explain to you how to gain the most by this wonderful PTC - my favourite!!!

The main details are:
- clicks paid from $0.001 to $0.01
- you can cashout with PayPal, AlertPay when you have 10$ or more
- payments every monday, they are very precise! 

At the moment I have $18.8678 in my balance (:
I think next week I will request my payment.. However this a great PTC with a Trusted admin! 

By the way, it is a PTC so you have some clicks every day that you can click to gain; but, this is not the only earning way in this site!! You can also gain with your referal clicks; BUT there are more on this site! you can also win cash prizes every day: you have only to go to the ClixGrid area, where you can click up to 50 cells and every cell can contain up to 5$!!!!!!!!

Finally, a really important thing: as I said, you can earn from your referal clicks, but this is normal; in ClixSense, you can earn also from the referals of your referals!!!!

So, start earning with me, join ClixSense !!!!!!


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