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lunedì 2 maggio 2011

Today we will start earning!

Hi guys!
Today I am going to tell you how we can earn together.

One of the main things you can do is called PTC or Paid To Click; in these sites you can make some clicks on ads and you will earn something for every click you make. There are a lot of PTCs but almost of them are scam sites: they do not pay you or they just close the site without telling it to you.
Of course I will introduce you to the paying sites (also called legit sites).

Another method is the PTR or Paid To Read sites where you are paid to read something; they are like PTCs.

Then we have the PTP or Paid To Promote: you will gain something (a few bucks) for every visit you make on a site.

The last method I will tell to you is the best method I have ever tried: in these sites you will gain for every download that a person makes to a file that you uploaded on a server

Of course there are a lot of other strategies you can use but there are the main and I also think these are the more secure methods.


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