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martedì 23 agosto 2011

DownlineRef - Advertising PTC - Good for bloggers ;)

An "advertising" PTC.
Whenever you click on an ad you'll receive some points.
Once you've got a plenty of points (I mean 70-80) give a look at the head of the page, you'll find something like:
Hint: Your link also in this list? You can use your credits for this. Click here for more
Click "here" and you will be prompted to a form where you have to put some informations:
-> in the first field you have to put the title of your adverstising
-> on the left of the first field you'll find a cloud where you have to insert the amount of credits you'll pay for one click
-> under the title you have to insert a description
-> near the number 2 you have to put the link (DO NOT use or similar services)
-> under that, set the ads count - how much clicks you want for your campaign - at least 100 click
-> click on the 2 checkboxes
then they will show you how muck you have to pay for your package
For example

There are some "Upline Fees" but they are not so high :)
Good advertising!

Join here!

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