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martedì 23 agosto 2011

EasyHits4U - Advertising&Normal PTC - Great for bloggers ;-)

Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange

Another great PTC where you can earn money AND visits on your blog!
They opened their site about 8 years ago, in the 2003 and they're still paying with over 200.000 users.

How to use this site:

This is a great site, you can use a lot of advertising types and you can earn credits surfing on some websites.
There are 2 possible Surf ratio:
-> 1:1, where every 20 seconds visit you make gives you 1 credit (the 50% of this credit goes to your first banner)
-> 1:2, where every 15 seconds visit you make gives you 1/2 credit (the 50% of this credit goes to your first banner)
ATTENTION: you have to click on their captcha system to validate the visit and you have to click on it (double image, correct word, math operation...) after the 15-20 seconds

With all the credits you earn you can open some advertising campaigns.
You can also convert the credits into Banner impressions or into Text ad impressions.
Here's an example:


Upto now I only explained to you how to earn credits.
But as I said at the beginning you can also earn real money
Infact every 1000 visits you make you'll earn 0.30$; you can make them in less than a week.
Also, you'll receive at the same time CASH&VIEWS for your blog!

Every 25-50 views they will show you a page where you can receive a bonus:
-> Tickets: or surf drawing tickets, they are particular tickets which can be "used" to partecipate in their lottery with six 6 winners: 3 will win 500 credits and 3 will win 1$! Remember that they will choose these 6 winners every day
-> Credits-Banner/Text ad/Impression: Extra visits for your banners/text ads
-> Cash

Example page

There are some referals/views made contest they make often

When you signup, after you visit 50 pages, you'll receive 50 extra credits and 500 Banner Impression.

5 referal levels:
10% of credits earned by your 1st level referrals, 5% of credits - 2nd level, 3% - 3rd level, 2% - 4th level, 1% - 5th level

Signup to receive extra visits :D

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  1. Woah, really interesting, this looks like it has potential.

  2. I might try this out. Always need more money!