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martedì 18 ottobre 2011

You know the title... Updates! :D

Hi guys!

So, first of all...

The test I had to do (I told you about it yesterday, here) went well, I made all the 10 tasks they asked me to do, so I think (and I hope) it went very well :)
Even though I forgot some things I had to put (for example, I forgot to limit the name's length and so on...).

By the way, on Saturday I will probably go to a shopping centre, where I have to do a few things:
#1 - My brother won a camera on a Internet contest, so we have to retire it.
#2 - I need a new keyboard because mine is really old and a lot of keys are not working.
A keyboard like this.
At the moment I own a "chicony kb-5916" which I bought in the '90.
#3 - An external hard drive, maybe a 2.5" with 500GB+ where I could put movies and other stuff which I will see on my TV.
I've just seen this which is really cool: USB3.0, 500GB, Western Digital My Passport, self-feeding.
WOW! :)

I hope I will find it :D
Because my actual storage consists of a 500GB internal HDD + a 160GB internal HDD (a person I helped gave me it :) ) and it's full :D

However, I have to study :P
On saturday I will have a history oral test, so I need to be prepared :)

Bye bye, keep following! :) 

8 commenti:

  1. That hard drive seems like a good value

  2. updates updates updates yeaa!! :D

  3. Your bro is a lucky man. I've never won shit.

  4. good luck on the test, I just recently got a 1TB external seagate for $99 and am very happy with it

  5. Oh thank u so much guys :)
    By the way yes, my bro is very lucky :D