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domenica 2 ottobre 2011

Let's start earning with your new LibertyReserve account!

As I promised you, in this post I will explain you a way to earn for free some bucks on your new LibertyReserve account.
Don't you know how to create it for free? Just check this guide!

So, this is it!
The best thing about this "site" is: you have to do nothing to earn!

Yes, I am not joking. Because you will have only to register on the site, then they will give you a bonus (1$) which you can not withdraw, but it will make you earn something like 1.4% after 24 hours.
I know, you may say it's very poor.
But, first of all you won't spend nothing.
Then, you will earn without any effort.

And now the guide:

1 - Register here.
2 - Confirm the link you will receive on your mail.
3 - ...We have done it =D Now you have only to login on the website and then you can close the browser and start playing with your favourite video game or you may go out with your friends.
I mean, it will earn $ even though you are not on the PC.

For example, in 26-28hours I found on my Balance 0.02$ which can be withdrawn :)

Keep following to earn more!

13 commenti:

  1. seems kinda risky to me... gl lol.

  2. free money huh, not bad! I won't be signing up though.

  3. Risky? As I said before, they will GIVE you 1$ BONUS, so you won't deposit nothing! :)

  4. yea i know dude but... no thanks... if it isn't 100 $ i'm not interested!!!! :(

  5. Ok, I prefer this answer :)
    BTW, if you open the account and you don't withdraw cash, after a month you will see more cash, 5$ for example =) after another month, you may see 15$ and so on, because the daily profit automatically increases every day if you do not withdraw them =)
    of course, once I find a better way to earn I'll post here :)

  6. hmmm. free money. Sounds nice.

  7. Never heard for that site before, I'm bit untrusty :o

  8. I see you're trying to rack up ref's, I'll help with that tomorrow ;).