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domenica 2 ottobre 2011

LibertyReserve: how to create an account with this e-wallet

Hi guys!
Do you use PayPal or AlertPay?
If you don't know - but I think you know them - they are the most known eCurrency you can find on the Net.
But, there is a new eCurrency which is good enough to make secure transitions online.

1 - first of all click here.
2 - Now, click on "Create Account".
3 - Fill in the form with your TRUE data. =)
3=> Remember to choose wisely your "Security question" because you may use it to restore your password; then the "Personal welcome message" is a message which you will see it everytime you login, so if you do not see it means you are NOT on the site.
4 - Then you will see another where you have to fill this important informations:
Login Pin: it is a PIN which you need to use to access your main account. 
Master Key: another PIN which you need to use to confirm your transactions.
5 - Click on Login (at the bottom of the page) which can be found in "Please login to activate your account and complete the registration."
6 - Check your Inbox Mail, because you will receive a LibertyReserve e-mail containing your Account Number (which starts with U....). Now you can Login on your account.
7 - After login, check the checkbox to confirm your welcome message.
8 - Click on "Access Main Account"
9 - Insert your Login PIN
10 - Fill in the form.
11 - Click on submit.

Now you have your working LR account! =)

And you may start earning for free with the next post on my blog... =)
Keep following!

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