Cash I received

lunedì 10 ottobre 2011

Newzz and thoughts

Hi guys!
So today I have not withdrawn anything, but I am happy because tomorrow I will reach the payout limit on a few PTC sites, so I will be able to know if they pay or not.
If they have not scammed, then I will probably withdraw about 10-15$.
Not a lot, but it's cool cash :D
And it's always free cash.

Also today, I was thinking about my future.
I mean what I will do after my school state exam.
I have 3 ways which I consider valid:
#1 - I will continue studying in a university and I will live with my parents.
#2 - I will find a work.
#3 - I will find a two-roomed flat near the university, I will live there with my gf, and I will find a work and I will continue studying.

At the moment, #3 is the best choose for me.
What do you think guys?

3 commenti:

  1. do #1 and #2, no rent is great(that is if your parents arent charging you any) you can just stockpile cash. If they are charging you rent. get your own place.

  2. stay with your folks and save money, then move out.