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martedì 11 ottobre 2011

PTC News: Scam and Legit owners

Hi guys!

I have a few news on some PTC sites.

The first one is related to this PTC (50centBux) which is not paying anymore.
But only to standard members (they say).
So if you'd like to receive a payment (and you are standard) you MUST buy an upgrade.
That's not fair
So I recommend you to do not click anymore on the site (if you are registered on it, of course).

TenAdsPlus is a great site, still paying but they have some problems so they are delaying some payment.
So now they pay on more than 30 business days.
But if they are still paying, then I'm happy (because I should receive a 10$ payment next week :D)

VeoBux is having a lot of problems, I think they've scammed.
Because payment is disabled for more than a week.
Even though they own a real company (or at least, they say so) I don't think they will pay anymore.
But I hope they will pay, because it's a good investment PTC.
If they resist and they continue paying, then I will make a good advertise for them :D

Then I am clicking on 2 new PTC sites.
They are AdzSure and ClickSure.
They are both paying and owned by the same admin.
Also they are online since last year.

I think that's all for the moment :)

Keep following!

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