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giovedì 20 ottobre 2011

Qaddafi's dead? Also, UPDATES :D

Hi guys!

So today I had a Electronics test (as I told you yesterday) and it went so good :)
It was a long test (had 55 minutes to complete it, but there were a lot of questions and tasks to complete) but I completed it :)
Yeah, I think it went really well, it was not so difficult and I wrote a lot.

Also, in the Access test I had on Tuesday went very very well and the teacher gave a me 9/10 points. :))
I'm really happy and today it's a good day for me.

By the way, have you heard about Qaddafi?
A lot of people said he's a dead person now.
But are we sure about that? 
I really don't think this is possible.
In the same way, "they" told us Bin Laden were dead, but is it a true story?
I still can't trust them.

However, I have to study history.

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5 commenti:

  1. First thing I also thought about is similarity to Bin Laden's death

  2. Im pretty sure he is dead by now. Have you seen the photos?

  3. Yes I saw them, but.. I'm not so sure they're true :)