Cash I received

sabato 15 ottobre 2011


Hi guys! 

How are you?
I'm fine and I'm working hard with the wood - yes, I'm a lumberjack, too :P

This is why I don't post a lot of things.

By the way there are not a lot of updates, I've not received any payment upto now.

I received my blood donor card and I'm really proud of this.

Anyway, I'll go out and I will be back in a few hours.

I may post something :P

Keep following and have a nice weekend! ;)

5 commenti:

  1. Maybe a photo of your blood donor card?
    You should be proud of it. I'm too much of a sissy to donate blood :/

  2. Yeah that could be a great idea :)
    in next post, I will post it :D