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giovedì 13 ottobre 2011

Investment made

Hi guys!

So, today I had my ITC test and it went very well.
I think I got a high mark on it - or at least I hope so :P

First of all, I still have no news on the payments I've requested.
But, I still have trust in the admins where I've withdrawn.
So I'll wait.

Then I made a little investment (2.50$) on BigTimeBux which is a great investmente PTC site.
At the moment I've bought 5 referals and their AVG (an average of the clicks they made every day) is over 2.5.
So it's going really well.

Now I will do my homework (a few exercise in Electronics) :)

keep following! 

5 commenti:

  1. Another great post! Keep up with the excellent blogging! You're really good at it! -

  2. I didn't know you study Electronics! What area?

  3. I also study electronics :)
    btw analogic and digital electronics :)