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giovedì 3 novembre 2011

ClixSense: another win!

Hi guys! 

So yesterday I have not posted anything on the site.
I'm sorry about that. :(

By the way, on the Information Technology written test I had a few days ago, I got a 9.5/10 :)
Oh yeah!

Also I have a bad news for a lot of investors: I have a payment on pending on IncraseBux and I have a upgrade.
Yeah, I think IncraseBux is turning scam. :/

A lot of PTCs are turning scam, because of problems with some e-currencies like PayPal and AlertPay.
This is why PayPal does not allow Paid To Click "industries" so they block a lot of PTC owner's account (specially big PTC owners, because they generate a lot of traffic) and AlertPay is having some problems with credit/debit cards.

That's a terrifying situation: a lot sites might "collapse".

I hope AlertPay will resolve its problem with CC, because I have to retire some cash on my credit card :)

ALSO, I've just won 0.50$ on ClixSense!!!! I DO LOVE IT!!  :)

Remember, register on this site through this banner!!! 

keep following! ;)

6 commenti:

  1. IT was my favorite class in High School..I miss it a bit :/

  2. Yeah, I've been hearing a lot of problems with Paypal lately.

    It's too bad. They used to be really good.

  3. 9.5 out of 10? Nice. I hate paypal, its the most useless thing I've ever used. I use 3 forms of currency, cash, check and bitcoins. Anything else is a scheme by The Man

  4. Yeah, PayPal used to be a great payment processor, but now it's having a lot of problems. That's really sad.