Cash I received

venerdì 4 novembre 2011

Requested 10$ on ClixSense

Hi guys!

So, I've just requested 10$ on ClixSense, the best PTC :)
Monday I will receive my payment :)

I am happy :D
Also, today I'm home, I'm not at school. Cool :D

By the way, have you ever tried typing do a barrel roll in Google??
(With Google Chrome this thing works, you have to try it :D)
It's really funny :)

Anyway, do you like pizza??? :D
I love pizza!
Awesome taste.

Lol, I'm hungry! :D

keep following! ;)

8 commenti:

  1. How long did it took for you to earn that 10$?

  2. omg pizza with fries on it.. how have i never thought of this

  3. That pizza looks so good, yet so horribly bad for you lol

  4. wurstel e patatine! I used to eat it in rimini

  5. LOL yeah it's a strange pizza I know :D
    By the way @Gizmo not a lot, I have still 8$ on the account so I will withdraw another 10-15$ payment within a month or two.
    By the way it does not take a lot because you can also earn with surveys and with the clixgrid, which is a big grid containing "links" and when you click on them, it can either bring you to an advertise or to a page where there is the amount you won :)
    you can win upto 5$ with a click ;)

  6. just typed barrel roll on google - lmfao!

  7. LOL barrell roll is awesome :D