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sabato 5 novembre 2011

It's Saturday!

Hi guys! 

Today I will probably change my keyboard! Yay! :D
At least I hope so :)

By the way, I've just had a kebab. Love it.

So, today's saturday!
What are you doing tonight?
- Party all-night-long?
- Drinks, dance and girls?
- PC and videogames?
- A movie with your gf/bf?
- A movie with your family?
- ... what else? :D

So, I think I will watch the TV (simpsons movie tonight!).
But first of all I'll do my homework :)
But... yeah, I'd rather watching a movie with my gf, but that's not possible atm.
:( so sad.

Anyway, have a nice weekend and keep following! ;)

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  1. Ive watched "Father of invention" with my gf..nothing wild :P