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lunedì 23 gennaio 2012

Is it this the "file sharing" end?

MegaUpload - as you probably know - has been closed.
Now, FileServe has closed.
FileSonic has closed.
In a few days I think all the file sharing sites will close.

Will we return back to the origins?
eD2k links, .torrent, irc, ... ?

What do you think? Are you a downloader or not?

Just to make you laugh, have a look at this funny picture I've found.
(click here, it was too large to post here :/ )

6 commenti:

  1. File sharing usually always finds a way.

  2. I'm a prowd downloader. But I spend like $1000 a year to go to concerts and merch.

  3. This is Obama's fault. He is controlled by the liberals who control Hollywood. These Hollywood elites are the ones funding the bill because it is their movies/shows being pirated! Obama isn't going to Veto SOPA simply because the one's backing it are his campaign supporters!!

  4. i heard anions struck back and took down some sites, media fire still seems to be working