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domenica 22 gennaio 2012


Dear followers,

As you may know, we won the first battle.
PIPA/SOPA have been blocked.
Now we must hope that those Acts will be removed and destroyed.

By the way, I installed a new ROM on my Acer MT and it's working fine.
Fast, stable, eats a lot of battery but nevermind. :)
It's called t&l 2.3.6.
And GTA3 is now working on my device :P it's so amazing, I played it a lot on my old PC :P

Also, Skyrim has been ported to mobile.
And it works on... a calculating machine.
I'm not joking.
Here's the vid:

:D amazing, right? :P
no9sniper has done a cool work.
Also, it gave me a cool idea on my next little project... :)

Keep following! ;)

4 commenti:

  1. So glad that SOPA/PIPA were shelved! I wish the internet would fight all the bad bills and not just those ones though.

    Also, that Skyrim on the calculator video has just rocked my world haha.

  2. even though sopa and pipa were halted many sites were taken down :/

  3. Video was pretty cool. Lol. SOPA/PIPA getting shelved is good news...but ACTA is next to attack the internet!