Cash I received

mercoledì 22 febbraio 2012

Here I am!

Hi guys!

So first of all, my oldest blog has been deleted.
That's really sad.
- Even though I did not write a lot on it.

Anyway, today the ads on Varolo were working really well.
I made 50 clicks!!! And so I earned 100 Jackpot tickets, in which I may win upto 500$, and 500 points, with which I will be able to redeem some prizes.

Would you like taking part into Varolo? You may earn real cash ($)!!! Sign up now here!

By the way, I have not written a lot here in these days!
Well, we were in holiday. But tomorrow I will be back to school. :P
- And I will be back home at 6 PM D:
Friday too!

What a busy school week! lol

Anyway I have installed a emulator on my smartphone and I have put on it a Pokemon rom - Red Fire - ! :D ahahah I do love it!

4 commenti:

  1. Why did your old block get deleted? Was it due to inactivity?

  2. I am doing this right now bro!

  3. @Sub it might be, since I have not posted on it for a long time.