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lunedì 27 febbraio 2012

Tadada! I am here!

Hi guys!

How are you?
I am working on a lot of projects at the moment - state exam thesys, Trinity masterclass course, I am studying for my school tests and so on.
In these days I am not earning a lot, anyway yesterday I received one payment from Ad-Lantis and one from IncraseBux. Well, 6$ are better than 0$, but I would rather receiving more :P eheheh.

I am still working on my thesys project, and in my list of ideas I added the multiplayer on a Bluetooth PAN.
Any other ideas?
The multiplayer online at the moment is denied.
I also think I could add a kind of logical system which allows the player to gather points while playing.
Well, the best score could be added on an internal database or something similar - with a username and other useless data, lol.

These are all ideas upto now, nothing realized but the Bluetooth MP, which I am working on.

Well, if you have some ideas, please post them! I will see which are feasible and then I will add them - if you want I will your name in the Credits area! :D

Eheheh, keep following my friends!

6 commenti:

  1. Sounds like an interesting project, good luck!

  2. Yeah, if you add some sort of achievement progress extras to your game, people will want to keep playing it to earn them.

  3. Thank you guys!
    Anyway @Sub thank you, it is a good idea!

  4. If you implement the points, you could have them count toward some kind of reward. Either leveling up or more equipment seem to be standard in a lot of games