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mercoledì 12 ottobre 2011

News and achievements

Hi guys!

First of all, thank you.
Because my blog has just reached 3000 pageviews :)
So I'm really happy.

Then, I've withdrawn (or at least, I've requested) two payments yesterday.
The first on PoundsBux, where I withdrew 5£, and the second on NextBux, where I withdrew 2$.
They are still in pending, but I hope they will pay me as soon as possible!
Or... we'll have two more scam sites :)

Tomorrow I will reach another payout on OurBux, about 2$.

Then, on LibertyLoan (here you find the guide on how to earn with them without doing nothing and here you'll find my first payment proof) I have $0.11 and my daily profit increased to $0.0111.
It's still not a lot, but it will increase :)

Finally, I've just had fish&chips, I really like them :D

Now I will study (because tomorrow I'm having a test).

Have a nice evening. :P
And keep following! ;)

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